Dominated by the formidable vocals and keyboards of Krystal Maynard, Melbourne's Screensaver play dense, synth-driven post-punk with more than a hint of goth gloom. With a lineup featuring members from Australian post-punk forces like Rat Columns and EXEK, Screensaver introduced their dark, driving style with 2021's Expressions of Interest. Guitarist/keyboardist Christopher Stephenson and vocalist/keyboardist Maynard first met in 2014, when their respective bands Spray Paint and Bad Vision both played a show in Berlin. The pair hit it off and began working on music together in 2016, at first online -- at the time, Stephenson was based in Austin, Texas, while Maynard was in Melbourne, Australia -- and then in person after Stephenson moved to Australia. The project grew from four-track recordings of a vintage Casio that Maynard ...
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Expressions of Interest 2021 Expressions of Interest
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